The Setting of the Sun

Do you ever feel as if the sun is setting in your life? You haven't achieved the goals you desired. You feel you have more years behind you than ahead of you. You become so focused on what you haven't done or what you don't have, you fail to see the many blessings you do have. You miss the beauty that surrounds you. In creation, in the created and most important, the CREATOR! HE never created us to look back or to look down, but always to look up and forward. As I walked today, I couldn't help but to notice the beauty in the setting of the sun. It reminded me that though the sun was setting, the SON is always shining bright in our lives! The calming movement of the water said, "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10... So remember, the sun will shine again, because the SON is in control! That's why we can look up, look forward and Keep Going! Be encouraged!

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