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Passionate About Encouraging Others

In my own journey of self-awareness, recognizing how limiting beliefs were holding me back, I also became aware that I was not alone in this struggle. As a Transformation Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor, I began to realize that many women struggle with limiting beliefs. Many feel stuck in their careers and relationships and life in general.

My message of encouragement to women to keep going, comes from getting past a relationship that was abusive, connecting-the-dots of past personal needs and coming to the realization that God loves me unconditionally and my worth is in Him alone. My message is to assure women they can overcome emotional strongholds such as fear, including fear of rejection, the need for approval, shame, and insecurities and keep going in life. I am passionate about encouraging women to experience transformation. I believe that transformation takes place with a renewed mind that comes from the Word of God. Rom. 12:2.

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching their highest potential. My goal is to walk alongside of, provide guidance and impactful motivation to start a new journey towards not only achieving your goals, but exceeding them. As an experienced public speaker, Judy aims to deliver encouragement, inspiration and transformation to women today.

My heart and compassion and message for encouraging women is reflected in my book, "Keep Going...Because Life Goes On." This book contains 77 messages of encouragement and inspiration with the assurance that God loves you and wants you to live an abundant life, free from the bondage of discouragement!

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After many years in corporate America, ministry and real estate sales, it became apparent I was allowing limiting beliefs to hinder me from achieving the results I desired. I was able to Keep Going because I connected-the-dots and changed the trajectory of my life.

You too can change the trajectory of your life!

My talks will:
• Teach you to identify and connect-the-dots from your past to current behavior.
• Teach you to move past limiting beliefs.
• Help you release and transform your life with a
renewed mind.

Talk Topics


Are you holding on to behaviors that are no longer serving you emotionally, physically, or spiritually?  This topic encourages you to release and let go and propel you to Keep Going and succeed in all areas of your life.



Are you carrying around emotional baggage and bricks keeping you in bondage? Find out what bricks are causing you to move slowly or not at all. What is in your bag that is not serving you and moving you forward? Learn how to use your bag for the purpose it was designed for, not pain but purpose. This workshop presentation will help women lighten their load, one brick at a time and step into your Freedom!

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This keynote message encourages women to not allow their past to continue to rob them of a joy filled life. Jesus said, “…I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. Learn how to restore your joy by “forgetting those things behind and reaching for the things ahead…” Phil. 3:13. Learn how to restore your joy by allowing your past to catapult you to a greater future.



Over the number of years that I have known Mrs. Burfict, along with the opportunities I have had to hear her speak, I can definitely say that she knows how! Whether planned or impromptu, Judy has vast knowledge on many subjects. Her ability to transfer that knowledge is done in a clear, concise and organized manner. Judy tends to speak from her heart. Her eye contact and enunciation are always on point, and she has numerous real life examples she can pull from that would apply to any topic she is speaking from and her emotions embody that experience as if it was just happening. She is able to inject humor where appropriate and even mimic voice changes, if necessary, which all lead to an interesting and engaging speech. And if that isn’t enough to fully draw you in, her big genuine smile definitely will!


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